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For a project in Saudi-Arabia, I need to take into account the effect of sandstorms on a number of big aluminium silos.

The dust content of the sandstorm is defined as 0.065 kg/m3.


Is there any code or book that describes what to do in this case ?


I made the calculations as follows, but I do not know if this is the correct way.


Pressure coefficient silo : cw = 0.60

Density of the air : ro = 1.25 kg/m3

Dust content air : d = 0.065 kg/m3

Impact factor sand : Is = 2.0 (taken arbitrary)


Combined pressure coefficient air/sand :

Cc = cw . (ro + d . Is) / ro = 0.66


Thanks in advance for your ideas or commentary.


Stefan Reumers

Engineering Silo Dept.

Ellimetal nv