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RE: Fees - was Re: Masonry Storage Facilities - fees!

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Subject: RE: Fees - was Re: Masonry Storage Facilities - fees!

"Dave, we WANNA use you, but you need to be the same as Joe Blow's fee
of mine)"

My patience is really running out on this issue.

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The problem is often, it isn't so easy to see how much "Joe Blows."

IOW, most clients don't find out--until it's too late, if they ever
do--just how "bad" Joe's services are.

Many of WJE's projects are a direct result of bad engineering--for
example, I have a job I'm looking at, where there are concrete columns
exhibiting gross defects such as flexural cracking. You look at the
original drawings from the engineer, and you say to yourself "my gosh,
what WAS he thinking..."

But hey, he was *cheap*!

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