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RE: Fees - was Re: Masonry Storage Facilities - fees!

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I agree…we’re fortunate these days that I can take a pass on those goofballs…



In the early days of FPSE, it wasn’t so easy!


The fact remains, for the “nice” projects i.e., highrises, sports facilities, etc… the

Competition is fierce…if you want to get those exciting projects, you’re

Gonna get beat up on fee, pure and simple…




The business plan we use is that we do enough “bread and butter” work

That we can afford to take a hit on a fee now and then…






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I have found when the client is so focused on the cost and nothing else let him take it elsewhere.  Your company will be much better off without the future headaches and lack of compensation for your work. 


Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA