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Re: Fees - was Re: Masonry Storage Facilities - fees!

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And if you do manage to fish them out of the drink and keep them on some semblance of a schedule, you're name will be at the top of their list the next time they do it...and you know they will - it's just a matter of time with some of them.  It's amazing how the economics of engineering services change when there's money to be lost due to delays.

Garner, Robert wrote:

When I had my one man consulting firm, my best clients were contractors who got sideways with the building department when they made their own changes to the drawings.  The building official would require that the contractor have an engineer provide design for their changes.  The contractors would just about throw money at me to make their problem go away.  And at that point, the contractors would build just about anything I could devise with no complaints about over-engineering.


Give somebody the right economics, and they will pay you well for it.  But first, they have to see the light.


Bob Garner


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