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Re: Landscape Retaining Wall

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How about a concrete wall with a steel angle bolted to the top to get that knife-edged look. 
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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I'm going to guess that a landscape wall is too think, and that swmbo is thinking of a knife-edge look.  Why not put in a 4 foot tall (2' in the ground, 2' above) concrete wall with a tapered top, so that at the (I'm assuming) sod surface, the concrete is only about 1"-1.5"  thick. By tapering the last foot or so, there should be enough slope to hold dirt and support plantlife.  Thin top, no steel, paintable/stainable exterior.


Daryl Richardson wrote:
Fellow engineers,
        I have a piddly little retaining wall about 12' long retaining up to 2' of soil.  For landscaping reasons it is desirable to have this as thin as possible.  One possible design is an L shaped bent steel plate about 3' high with a 2'  "footing" under the high side utilizing the weight of soil for stability.
        My only concern about this design is corrosion.  I have some thoughts on this. First is to use a low alloy steel which will perform well on the "air" side but I don't know about the "soil" side (I believe A242 might be such a steel).  Second is to provide a corrosion allowance and not worry about it.  Third is to use a protective coating such as asphalt foundation spray.  Fourth is to give up on the whole idea; tell my wife she can't have it (tactfully, of course); and look for a completely different solution.
        Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance,
H. Daryl Richardson

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