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RE: Water Storage Tank

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Are those total weights, axle weights, wheel weights, or what?  Is the paver weight empty or full?  I would suggest getting (from the equipment manufacturer) the actual OPERATING loads - per axle, wheel, roller, or whatever they can/will give you.  You'll also have the dump trucks carrying the asphalt.
What is the top slab thickness and span?
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Subject: Water Storage Tank

I've been asked to approve the use of asphalt paving equipment over an existing concrete water storage tank (flat slab without beams, with column capitals and drop panels).  Dimensions are uniform and symmetrical.  Using CRSI, I feel comfortable that the slab is design for about 130 psf superimposed load.

The contractor wants to use:

     Leeboy L8500T Paver      14,500#
     Bobcat 863 Skid Steer      6500#
     Cat 334 Paving Roller        8470#

Is there a customary way to translate the equipment loads into an equivalent uniform load?  I've done several simplified, bracketing type calculations, assuming one way action over a column strip, etcetera, but still don't have a cozy feeling about it yet.

John Riley

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