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Re: Live load distribution for bridge girders

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Yep...haven't forgotten.  You are basically talking influence line
anaylsis, I believe.  That part I can handle just fine.  The only reason
not being able to find my old AASHTO code is a "problem" for that is cause
it is nice enough to have tables in the back that tell one the maximum
bending moment and maximum shear for a particular otherwords, it
does the influence load analysis for me.  But as this is a simply
supported beam, it is rather easy to an influence line analysis for this


Adrian, MI

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006, Daryl Richardson wrote:

>         For maximum girder bending moment (which I can't really believe
> you've forgotten) you need the wheels placed such that the centerline of the
> bridge falls half way between the resultant of all loads on the span and the
> nearest wheel.

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