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Re: slab on grade wwf

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Herein lies the problem with W.W. Fabric.  It's great for giving you a good
amount of reinforcing, but the openings are not big enough to facilitate foot
traffic.  So, you either have contractors walking on the reinforcing, or you
have to throw down planks to do this.  Either way, the reinf. is going to sag
in that area unless you bench it up.  Then, you have to make sure these
"benches" are gone before you pour concrete.  If you do put planks down, I
would make sure the rebar is benched real good below.  And for good show, I
wouldn't mind seeing plywood or OSB used for foot traffic.  It may not matter
because the contractors will likely walk wherever they want to anyway.

They only thing that I would recommend when using wwf is that you use sheets
instead of rolls.  They will lie flatter and would be less likely to sag than
if you were using rolls of wwf.  That is, unless, you are actually accounting
for that sag in your design.

Best of luck.

Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming

Quoting Andy Richardson <arichardson(--nospam--at)>:

The w.w.fabric has to have planks put

down for access to the work.

This seems like a potentially good idea.  Does this create any other
problems?  What type of planks?  Perhaps concrete bricks could be used
and this would allow a kind of path through the work area.



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