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Re: Landscape Retaining Wall, Now Way OT!

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            “From: "Gary Hodgson & Associates" <ghodgson(--nospam--at)>

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Subject: Re: Landscape Retaining Wall


Ah, thanks--Rumpole of the Bailey



On 22 Feb 2006 at 8:27, Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:


> She Who Must Be Obeyed. ;-)


> Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:


> >What is swmbo?

> >Gary


            “She who must be obeyed” is from an H. Rider Haggard novel set in “darkest Africa,” titled, “She.” If you like melodrama, and I did when I read it many years ago, it’s a lot of fun.


            Jim Getaz

            Winchester, Virginia