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Tension capacity for insert plate (Embedment)

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Dear All
I am designing Insert Plate and calculating generalized tension capacity ( It can support spring , steel member or pipe etc i.e. plate width can be more than member connected ) for different plate size and number of lugs. For design I used ACI 349 and I could design lugs for tension and conceret against cone failure.
Now how to design Insert plate for bending i.e. checking plate thickness for bending stress ? I would like to get your help on this issue .
I am considering plate supported at corners and subjected to point load at center.
1  Do you agree that this will be most critical condition i.e. maximum moment ?
2 How to calculate moment at center for such boundary condition ? Please give me some reference ?
3 If I approximate IP behavior and take it will bend from center and moment calculated at center ( Tension on lug * lug dist. from center ) and full width of plate will resist it and calculate thickness required . Do you agree with this approximation ?  
Considering full width for resisting bending is ok for above assumed behavior ?
Please reply this email.
With Best Regards

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