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RE: Lumb-R-Grip Hanger Hooks

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Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 1:48 PM
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Subject: Re: Lumb-R-Grip Hanger Hooks

On Feb 27, 2006, at 8:06 AM, Polhemus, Bill wrote:

> I did. You still seem to be saying that if there is "any" chance that
> someone could be harmed, we ought not put it out there in the wild.

What I said, Bill, was that if a product can't get to market without 
endangering life or property, it shouldn't get to market. As engineers, 
that's our job.
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Alas, I remain befuddled.

There is very little of human endeavor that does not endanger life or

If you want to say that it ought not to pose and unacceptably high
danger, that would be more clear to me--then we can argue about what
constitutes "acceptability."

I guess I'm being a PITB here, but making open-ended statements like
yours is mana from heaven for the trial lawyer crowd, who after all have
made MILLIONS from product liability lawsuits against breast implants,
e.g., without a shred of real evidence that any danger exists at
all--acceptable or not.

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