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RE: Precast concrete barrier wall (spandrel) design againstvehicle impact load.

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Unless I am missing something, the moment is PL/4 which gives a factored
moment of 150 kft (not 300) which is quite doable with the section you
are using. You definately have one way action with the aspect ratio of
your panel so I don't think a yeild line analysis is applicable.


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Subject: Precast concrete barrier wall (spandrel) design againstvehicle
impact load.



I would like to hear your opinions about precast concrete barrier wall


Here are conditions:

            H=50in, L=60ft (between two columns), THK=12in

            Car impact load= 10kips (Factored) in the mid of section

 (25in from the bottom of barrier wall.)

Both top and bottom of the wall are free end (horizontal sides).

Only vertical sides at both ends can have connections to column:

                   Bearing and tieback connections are possible only to
the column at both ends.


When I assumed this wall as one-way action wall like a simple beam, its
bending moment is 10k*30ft, which

 requires unrealistically high flexural reinforcement. (Is this high
reinf ratio correct?)


I heard some books and engineers use yield line theory.

According to this theory, where and how can I assume the yield line

If I assume three vertical yield lines, this may bring the same results
as one-way action wall.


How can I design this concrete barrier wall with respect to the car
impact load?




 Thanks for your advice!



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