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Re: old building with "Kahn reinforcing" floor system

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The system was in use before my time, but I've had to deal with them over the years.  If its what I envision from your description, in these parts it has been known as Sheffield Tile.
John Riley

Bruce Holcomb <bholcomb(--nospam--at)> wrote:
We are currently working on a building that has a floor system using Kahn reinforcing.  It is constructed with the reinforcing at 16? o.c. spanning one direction and clay tiles in between the bars as a filler on the bottom.  The floor was then poured so that we have a T-beam type system with a 5? topping slab and a five inch web.  The overall depth of the system is about 12?
We understand that they used this system in Europe quite a bit and called it ?pot construction?
Has anyone run into this system or have any information relating to it.  We are trying to determine a capacity without doing a load test or at least get in the ballpark before we do a load test.
Thank you in advance for any information.
I did see a thread from someone who indicated this was discussed in the 1919 Concrete Engineering handbook.

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