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RE: Fees

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An engineering acquaintance of mine told me of his father who was an 
architect all of his career.  The father did a job for a customer who 
fell on bad times and couldn't pay him and so gave him land in lieu 
of payment.  The architect father then developed the land and then
sold it, for more profit than he had ever made in his whole archie 
career. The father confirmed the storey when I met him.

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The majority owner of a civil firm I used to work for here in Houston,
whose father had started the company just after World War II (lot of
engineering firms hereabouts began at the same time, interestingly),
once had the same thing happen to him.

He had done a good deal of civil design for a land developer that fell
on hard times back in the early 70s. The developer offered him a
modest-sized lot in one of the new, up-and-coming developments on the
"outskirts" of Houston at that time. The engineer took him up on it,
built a house, and still lives there to this day.

Except that the land is worth about ten times what the house is worth.

The name of the "subdivision"?

River Oaks.

(See the film "Terms of Endearment" e.g.)

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