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RE: Lumb-R-Grip Hanger Hooks

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In the case of the hanger it's reasonable to presume someone would try
to hang a weight off a joist with the device. In the absence a warning
to the contrary it's reasonable to assume that someone might not
recognize the maximum capacity of the hanger. A reasonable person would
indicate a maximum load rating for the device and remind the user about
the possibility that the load might be dropped due to weakness of the
item that the hanger is suspended from.

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FWIW, I agree with your comments here.

But it is difficult to make blanket statements on a subject like this
generally, because of the reality of the litigious atmosphere we all

To me, it is "reasonable" to expect "Lumb-R-Grip" hooks invite
overloading floor joists. In my opinion at least, the product looks
open-and-shut dangerous.

But there are a great many dangerous contrivances made by man, that are
considered to give sufficient benefit such that they can be "forgiven".

The automobile is the best example--and one I keep coming back to. The
fact that the automobile INVITES abuse by the user does not seem to hold
much water even with a legal establishment that is famous for leaps in

Had the auto been invented just fifty years later, I imagine Nader would
have written "Unsafe At High Speeds." And lawyers would have had a field
day, we'd all have governors in our engines, and no one would be allowed
to go faster than 30 mph.

All this by way of saying times have changed.

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