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Product Responsibility : Was: Lumb-R-Grip Hooks

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I think this discussion has turned into one on the responsibility of any product to protect the welfare of the public. In particular, I would like to respond to Bill Polhemus who had some comments for Chris.
First, I don't agree with Jordan when he said; "
This is exactly why the consumer product industry should not be required to have professional engineers. If they did, and there were someones professional life at stake, dynamic, innovative products like this would be stifled, and might never get to market." I must have missed something because I am no familiar with the bill in congress that he is referring to.

Most home health ads on TV have a disclaimer in fine print that indicates that the product has not been tested by the FDA and that the product should be used after discussion with your physician and with a diet and exercise plan. I"m paraphrasing, but virtually every advertisement you see for a weight reduction product including a device intended to help you lose weight contains at least one if not all of these disclaimers. It's up the to consumer to understand the difference between Faux and Fake.

As Chris brought out, there is a requirement for truth in advertising. I don't think he meant more. As to Bill's comment - well, I leave his insults to the idiotic rants he tends to go off on liberals about (although it took a moment to understand what an "Algore" is in his comments.

BTW, there are warnings about the use of Automobiles - most of which were probably created after the first auto accident killed or injured someone. Not only do we have warnings, but the users of Automobiles have state laws to contend with that control how safely the product can be used. There have even been times when the car has been used as a lethal weapon - and there are laws to protect the public from this.

So, Bill, again your comments are pretty empty. If you wish to discuss Henry Ford, the real invention was not the Automobile (which was invented in Europe I believe) but the assembly line and Automobile loans that allowed families to move further away from work and helped the Architectural industry develop the circular issue of gentrification. Ford also helped increase the population with the back seat - so many great accomplishments we can attribute to Henry Ford. But when the first worker lost an arm on the assembly line don't you think that government or the industry itself created greater safety measures for how the product is to be used? I do.

We are not as ignorant of product liability today as they were when the Ford created the assembly line for the manufacturing of Automobiles. It is inappropriate (in my opinion) to ignore the potential life safety issues that can result when Jordan believes that engineers should not be allowed in the creation or manufacturing of an item that is to come to use by the public (if this is what you really meant). We live our lives much safer since Sinclair's era where rat hairs and human appendages were often found in the jars of food products sold during the early 1900's. 

Isn't our responsibility in this world to learn from our mistakes and create a safer environment? Of course if Bill Polhemus was allowed to govern without the Sierra Club he might see a point in selling control of our shipping ports to a foreign government.

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