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Re: Product Responsibility : Was: Lumb-R-Grip Hooks

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Sorry, it was typed tongue in cheek (guess I should have included a smiley). I was simply guessing at how the lobbiest presented the suggestion to the various state legislatures for their exemption. It makes no logical sense, but when threatened with  economic consequences, most legislatures roll over.  It's akin to breaking out a "think of the children,"  or "remember 9-11," at the end of an unpersuasive argument - your foolish endeavor suddenly becomes gospel.


Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:
First, I don't agree with Jordan when he said; "
This is exactly why the consumer product industry should not be required to have professional engineers. If they did, and there were someones professional life at stake, dynamic, innovative products like this would be stifled, and might never get to market." I must have missed something because I am no familiar with the bill in congress that he is referring to.
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