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RE: Lag Bolts into Narrow Face of a Stud

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Thanks, that means up to a ½” diameter for a 2x and ¾” dia. For a 3x studs works.


I guess I’m also trying to consider the contractor not hitting the stud directly in the middle, but it may be less of a problem since this wall can be built on the ground, ledger fastened to the studs and tilted up.


I have blocking in line with the lowest lag bolt in between studs to transfer shear from the roof diaphragm to the exterior sheathing. I also have blocking in between the framing ( TJL trusses bearing on top of the ledger) to accept the boundary nailing from the diaphragm. I’m debating this or having the ledger notched to accept the trusses (this would better ensure the proper alignment of the trusses with the studs) and since it’s engineered lumber for the ledger and the stud is supposed to be directly in line with the load (i.e., the ledger isn’t spanning a load between studs) there is very little if any tension in the top fibers of the ledger that would be interrupted by the notch….





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Per the NDS Table 11.5.1E the minimum edge distance should not be less than 1.5d,  I have used 1/2" lag bolts for this condition, but if the loads are too high I have also used 4x blocking between the studs to support the ledger.  The blocking will be required anyways to transfer the inplane shear force into the wall.




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Subject: Lag Bolts into Narrow Face of a Stud

I have a condition where I’m using a 1.75” engineered lumber ledger for roof framing in a building with a flat roof.


I want to balloon frame the studs to the parapet above, continuous from the mudsill to the underside of the parapet double top plate.


The load from the rafters is too big for nails, so I need to use lag bolts. I am concerned about splitting the 2x studs and wondering if someone has some guidelines they use….


What is the maximum size lag bolt diameter would you use for a 2x stud: 3/8” dia? ½” dia?


Same question for 3x’s: ½” dia? 5/8” dia? ¾”dia?


I may end up needing 3x studs anyway once I check the combined loads w/ wind. The studs are going to be either

2x8’s or 3x8’s (hoping to avoid 3x’s obviously because it’s less common/more expensive).