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Re: Lag Bolts into Narrow Face of a Stud

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In a message dated 2/28/06 3:34:14 PM Pacific Standard Time, gmadden(--nospam--at) writes:
Two problems for my condition, the load requires me to use 4 A35, they
would need to be offset from each side to avoid nails coming from each
side, making the ledger very deep. The other problem is nails heads from
the A35 sticking out of the ledger (i.e. 3" long nail, with 1.25 of nail
sticking out of the 1.75" thick ledger)... then you would need to use
screws, not high values with only 1.75" of penetration... don't wanna
use a thicker ledger either.

How about using HGA10 instead of A35