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Re: Princeton Review: Update

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Sorry, but that reminds me of an old joke...A farmer won a state lottery for $2 million, and when asked by the local newspaper what he planned on doing with the money, he replied, "Well, I guess I just keep farming until it's all gone."


PS - My wife got into a discussion in her office of what you'd do with an enormous lottery payout. After the debt, cars, house, family obligations are paid off, how would you blow $100M-$150M?  They came up with "buy an island," and "take a ride into space," and similar things. My reply? After about a minute of considering, I said  "I'd become a US Senator."

Jeremy White wrote:

What I want to know is where this brain washing comes from which says structural engineers are expected to work long and hard hours because you do it for the love and personal satisfaction of the job and not the pay.  If I handed any structural engineer, say, $10 million dollars how long would they stay in the career that they “love” so much.  I don’t know any who would.  They’d be off to retire to the beach in a week and became part-time stock market gamblers with their new found wealth.  Am I wrong?


Jeremy White



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It is interesting that the average hours per week is 45.  This is probabaly the starting of the SE career, but as we all know, once we get into our career more, we are looking more like 60 hours per week or more.



I always feel guilty admitting this, but I probably do average closer to the 45 hour mark. I just can’t “get into” working/no life.


I know I should be working fifty and sixty hours a week (as a “real Amurcan”), but I can only do that for a week or two, following which I drop back to forty, so it averages out as above.


I guess someone has to be an “outlier” on the low side.


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