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RE: AUTOCAD: What's Your Preference?

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Create three paperspace tabs in the PLAN drawing file.

Call those S1, S2, S3. 

Go into each of those tabs/viewports separately and turn on/off the layers that you want to show.

You can edit each tab independently now, and still keep all of the PLAN model space information overlaid correctly.

Plot the tabs when you’re ready.


~~ Eli ~~


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So, if I have a file called PLAN which contains information for S1 (Foundation Plan), S2 (Second Floor Framing Plan) and S3 (Roof Framing Plan), what method would be the easiest/best to use for publishing purposes?


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    I have worked somewhat  with the sheet set manager, and it is by far the easiest way to publish drawings. You have to have a layout for each sheet, but printing is a breeze. Just select the drawings that you want to print and right-click. Then select publish to plotter. All the drawings you selected will be sent to the plotter you used in the page layout. No more buttons to click. There are also many other powerful features associated with the sheet set manager, once you have taken the time to set them up.



Wesley C. Werner