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Wind Load Edge Distances

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 I am resending this because someone emailed me and said that the
company logo was covering up the message.


    I am designing the dock area of a freezer building. The main part of
the building is supported by racks and is 10' higher than dock area.
There are docks on two sides of the building in an L configuration. I am
wondering what my edge distances should be for wind uplift on the dock
roof. If I treat the dock as a separate building I end up with 60'x488'
building, and the edge distance is about 8 feet based on the building
height. If I take the entire building dimensions, I have 488'x700'
building , and the edge distances become over 19'. Has anyone dealt with
this situation before? What did you do? Do you have any references for
this situation? 

Wesley C. Werner 

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