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Re: 3X Plates and Washers on Intermediate Anchors

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The answer is I do not think so. Some of the buildings I look at showed no evidence of any damage.  The contractors were instructed to find damage so the owner could repair it. An open ticket from insurance company on some projects.
They opened several walls and about 30% of the sill plates were split. It did not appear to me that the damage was the result of the Northridge quake; based upon wood coloring, dust and debris in void area. Now they could have split during San Fernando quake, no way to know.
We were let go as the project engineer because that was not what they wanted to hear. 
I look at a variety of buildings form houses in LA that had visible damage from the Long Beach quake up to more recent homes and apartments.
As a side note in almost all buildings that had moderate damage the corner holdown post severely damaged while the shear wall end post along either direction may have had none to minor damage.
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA