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Re: Google Earth Locating Parcels

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It sounds like you want to eliminate the land surveyor.  Be aware that while the accuracy of the information in Google is remarkable, it does not approach the level of accuracy required for accurately depicting property corners.  What you are asking for is an order of magnitude better than the address marker.
For example, my son just purchased a house.  I pulled up Google to see how good the location was.  It got pretty close, but pretty close was identifying the address as the property next door from the address. When I checked my own home it was off by two parcels.  Pretty good for a free service, but not survey grade information.
Locating parcel corners on an aerial photo requires some identifiable points in the photo to scale the photo and identify coordinate system.  Even then, because of the photo distortion, it doesn't give you a truly accurate depiction.  Mapping done from aerials requires some sophisticated and very expensive plotting equipment to adjust out the distortions.
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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Subject: Google Earth Locating Parcels

Does anyone knows a practical way to locate Parcels of Land by inputting the four coordinates of the corners of the Parcel and then having Google Earth delineate the Parcel in the View ?????? Is there any interface out there that would take instead of the Address to do the Search, with the Four coordinates of the Parcel ?????? and then have Google Earth put the Corner Markers on the screen, similar to what is does now with the star locating the address ??????