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RE: 3X Plates and Washers on Intermediate Anchors

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Ed -

Even if the loading condition you describe prevailed, the load path would be
through cross grain bending of the sill plate. If the nuts were left off the
intermediate anchors, then the wall would be forced to "span" between hold
downs at the ends of the wall which would probably be better anyway (IMO)
since the hold downs are designed (and detailed) to resist loads in this

My two cents.

T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.
Consulting Structural Engineers

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I think what Scott is saying, is that between the ends of the shear wall you
might have some wind uplift that is being transferred down from the roof in
the wall studs.

Unless your building is 1-story, and exceptionally light, I doubt this is
really an issue though after you add up all the dead weight of most normal
structures.  If any engineer out there has actually checked sill plate
anchor bolts for Oz uplift of the entire structure, please raise your hand.

~~ Eli ~~


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