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Re: Plotter Recommendation

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I had posted a similar item a few years back.  I ended up getting a HP DesignJet 430, (b&w, D-size) from an online retailer for about $1,500 and change.  For me, it paid off with the first project I did.  Before that, I would e-mail PDF files to a local blueprinter, but that got really expensive when I didn't budget enough for the multiple prints.
Don't know about the 110.  If you aren't gonna be doing much, I'd suggest the blueprinter route.  But again, for me, it paid for itself.
Good luck.

"M. David Finley, P.E., P.A." <davidfinley(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I am a 1-man shop and up to now all I have needed is an 11x17 laster print
for my drawings. However, for some upcoming work, I will need to provide
24x36 drawings.

I'm considering the HP 110plus, mainly because of the price. I don't intend
to use it a lot and I don't need a lot of fancy features. I'd appreciate
feedback (on the list or privately if you prefer) about this plotter or
others that you may recommend.


David Finley
M. David Finley, P.E., P.A.
2086 SW Main Boulevard - Suite 111
Lake City, FL 32025

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