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Re: Plotter Recommendation

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I have the 120nr (roll feed/network version with 6 colors, now called the 130) which I got for a steal back in '03. It produces draft output fairly quickly (about a minute seconds per 24x36, I think) which looks, well, very "draft". It produces lousy output at "normal" - probably 5-6 minutes per plot, looking only slightly better than draft (darker but still a bit fuzzy). It produces unbelievable gorgeous prints in high quality mode on coated paper - really striking and ready for the copier. It also takes half an hour to print a 24x36 at that quality. As a side benefit, it makes _very_ nice full color (photographic) posters for advertising. For all but the final wet seal prints, I run in draft at 22x34 on 20lb uncoated bond, and it is very economical. BTW - I reset my borders to print at 22x34 a while ago. It makes 11x17 exactly 1/2 size, and it allows me to put my entire border inside most of my arch. clients 24x36 border...which means less fiddling with setup issues for each different architect. If I have a client that requires a 24x36 print, I just set the plotter to offset my 22x34 border on a 24X36 sheet so that the extra white space in the 36" direction is in the binding.

If you're not in a big hurry, its a winner

M. David Finley, P.E., P.A. wrote:

I am a 1-man shop and up to now all I have needed is an 11x17 laster print
for my drawings.  However, for some upcoming work, I will need to provide
24x36 drawings.
I'm considering the HP 110plus, mainly because of the price.  I don't intend
to use it a lot and I don't need a lot of fancy features.  I'd appreciate
feedback (on the list or privately if you prefer) about this plotter or
others that you may recommend.


David Finley
M. David Finley, P.E., P.A.
2086 SW Main Boulevard - Suite 111
Lake City, FL  32025


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