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RE: Plotter Recommendation

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We have an HP500 and a Lanier LW310.  My HP500 worked great, I purchased it
new for about $3000.  I was doing all of my plotting in house, even for
submittals.  I would print out 3 sets of 10 sheet drawing and it would take
about 3-4 hours.  I found it cost less than me going to a blueprinter and
getting copies done.  I eventually moved up to a laser all in one plotter,
the LW310.  This is a plotter, scanner and copier in one machine.  This has
been very usefull for me.  I can plot 50 sheet drawings in less than 10
minutes.  I can also make copies and scan full size drawings.  But for a
small outfit, I think the HP500 works great.

Good luck, hope this helps.

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> Subject:	Plotter Recommendation
> I am a 1-man shop and up to now all I have needed is an 11x17 laster print
> for my drawings.  However, for some upcoming work, I will need to provide
> 24x36 drawings.  
> I'm considering the HP 110plus, mainly because of the price.  I don't
> intend to use it a lot and I don't need a lot of fancy features.  I'd
> appreciate feedback (on the list or privately if you prefer) about this
> plotter or others that you may recommend.
> TIA,
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