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RE: Plotter Recommendation

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We have 2 HP 5000's.  We bought the first one new in Feb of 2000. We use the second drawer for 11x17 paper and upgraded the memory to 20MB.  We liked the printer so much we bought a second one last year online thru Madison Office Machines in WI.  We have been very happy with it. (Shipping was included).
Our first printer had a fuser error last year.   We had it repaired.  The new fuser is included with a maintenance kit.  It cost about $530.00. It has been working great since.
Hope this helps.
Karen Veilleux
Office Manager
Jasco Pacific, Inc.
Fallbrook, CA 92028
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On a similar note, my HP 5si may be on it’s last leg (the 11x17 laser printer I just mentioned). I’m getting a Fuser Error and I can probably replace it with a used printer cheaper than it would cost for me to have someone fix it. I was able to buy this one on Ebay for less than 600 bucks (It cost 200 bucks to ship the thing (120lbs or something)) and it would be great to get a newer model that delivers as well as this workhorse has for almost 4 years now…. So if anyone can recommend one or one to avoid, that would be great. I HP makes a 5000 series and an 8000’s series, but don’t know how they compare to the durability of the 5si.





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I have two, the HP430 and HP500.  The 430 has never let me down.  The 500 also works well, but I'd get the model with black ink only next time.  I use only black and I can't figure out how to get the color inks from slowly leaking (perhaps an automatic process to prevent clogging of the lines).  Once any color runs out you have to install a re-fill or the plotter refuses to run.

"M. David Finley, P.E., P.A." <davidfinley(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I am a 1-man shop and up to now all I have needed is an 11x17 laster print
for my drawings. However, for some upcoming work, I will need to provide
24x36 drawings.

I'm considering the HP 110plus, mainly because of the price. I don't intend
to use it a lot and I don't need a lot of fancy features. I'd appreciate
feedback (on the list or privately if you prefer) about this plotter or
others that you may recommend.


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