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Re: Plotter Recommendation

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Well,  we don't have much in the way of mosquitos, but we have a bunch of woodpeckers that do squawk at us a lot.   They think that they own the place.   We also got some big hawks; one that comes to a tree in the front of the property at about sundown every evening.

We also get a family of hawks in here about every two or three years, bringing up a baby hawk.  These guys are really noisy.  It's always interesting when the little hawk gets ready to fly.   A bunch of other hawks will sit on the surrounding trees screeching encouragement to it.   Fortunately the office is pretty soundproof.

I didn't hear anybody suggest a pen plotter.   We had one for a while.  Had to go outside when it was plotting as it was so noisy.  Think I gave that one away and bought the HP650 that finally died after about ten years.   Never had a problem until we had to bury it.

We had a golden eagle sitting in the tree one time.  It was about forty miles out of it's territory.  We kind of spooked it and it flew across our property and drop something - which turned out to be a rattlesnake!

One of our problems here is that there are so many deer and the cougars that come after them. 


At 05:28 PM 3/3/2006, you wrote:
Be careful you could be attacked by swarming mosquitos or an angry woodpecker. We do not want to loose you on your commute.
Joe Venuti

Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA