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Re: Residential drag trusses

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As I remember, the '97 UBC/'01 CBC exempts light frame wood construction from the omega requirement for collectors. Basically for the reason that to design a prefab roof truss to take and more important transfer this load to the resistive element is impractical. That's my opinion.

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Subject: Residential drag trusses

How are others notating the drag truss force on their residential roof framing plans (97 UBC) such that the truss manufacturer designs the truss for the proper force and adjustment factors?


For example:


  1. Label the truss on plan as having 3000# drag force and a note elsewhere on the framing plan that truss manufacturer must design per section 1633.2.6 Collector Elements.
  2. Label the truss on plan as having 11,760# drag force (1.4x2.8x3000) and a note elsewhere on the framing plan that states force is listed as strength level with omega applied, truss manufacturer shall design per 1633.2.6 Collector Elements.




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