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Re: Google Earth Locating Parcels

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I wasn't "dismayed" by the accuracy of Google Earth. I just wanted the writer to understand its limitations.  In fact, given the wide coverage it has, the accuracy is quite good for the purposes it is intended for (primarily for an overview of an area and in conjuction with road map types of uses).  It is just not an accurate surveying system and should not be expected to be so.
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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Bill Cain and Mark Deardorff were dismayed about Google Earth's inaccurate location. You guys are lucky. My town comes up so blurry, I cannot tell what I'm looking at. Zooming out a long way and it's Winchester, but I cannot tell if it's my property or my neighbor's or well down the street. I thought there must be some overriding security issue for a while (though I could not think of one). Then a friend moved to San Luis Obispo and while there, I strolled over to Diablo Canyon. It is very crisp. 
  Jim Getaz 
  Winchester, Virginia 
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