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RE: ASCE 7-02: Live Load on Canopy

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Subject: RE: ASCE 7-02: Live Load on Canopy

Refer to the definitions in the IBC to verify... a marquee cantilevers
into the right-of-way (supported by the building without additional
columns).  A canopy is a rigid structure with a covering attached (I
think of a canvas covering), is supported by the building and a least
one other post.  An awning is like a canopy by cantilevers without any
additional posts.

I've had very few "entrance structures" that I've designed with 75 psf.
I can usually throw out the "marquee" definition, but canopy is a little
"iffy".  Only because of the definition of "covering"... I assume that
is a fabric-type covering.  Somebody else may interpret to be any
roofing material.  

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FWIW, the canopy roof is a steel frame with Type 3N steel roof decking,
supported by concrete columns (I know, but what can you do with an
Architect?) The canopy roof does "cantilever" in that the columns are
all on one side.

There is "public access" (since someone brought it up) in that you
could, if you were so inclined, shinny up the column to go stand on the

However, if I were guessing I'd think that 20 psf building roof load
would be appropriate.

I could go to the building official, but by the time he got back to me
the client would likely have sued for breach of contract in getting the
design analysis back to him.

I guess 20 psf could be considered "too little," where 75 is "too much."
Split the difference, and go with 50 psf? But I'm ONLY the engineer...

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