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RE: Truss gap over the wall

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Thanks to Christopher, John, Jason, Ray, Rodger and Harold.  I believe the Simpson Clips with the DS gypsum wallboard supports will work.  I sure hope the thousands of homes like mine which have the interior walls nailed to the bottom truss chords do not fall down any time soon.  It is not good to have been a carpenter before being an engineer.
Thanks again
Acie Chance
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Subject: Truss gap over the wall

One of the reasons not to allow the truss to bear on the interior wall is that it was most likely designed to clear span from exterior wall to exterior wall or girder truss.  If you give it bearing interior it causes stress reversals and changes in the loads to the members which may be greater than the original dedign results.  At the same time the wall has to be supported at the top.  The Simpson truss clips are slotted to allow vertical deflection of the truss without loading the wall and provides lateral support of the wall perpendicular to the truss.  
Ray Shreenan SE