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RE: Slab on grade thickness

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I would think that the equipment column loads do fall under those provisions but the wheel loads do not (it is then a pavement, not a footing).  As a footing for the column loads, the thickness used in design as a plain concrete footing should be 2" less than the actual thickness.

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Subject: Slab on grade thickness

In Chapter 22 of the ACI318-05, section 22.4.8 indicates that the thickness of plain concrete footing should be h+2".  However in the earlier section,, it excludes soil-supported slabs unless they transmit vertical loads or lateral forces from other parts of the structure to the soil.
If I have a plain concrete slab-on-grade (reinforcing for shrinkage), supporting fork lift wheel loads, and some equipment support column loads (tanks, racks), do I need to design the slab (for example, using the PCA method) then add two inches to that for construction? 
Thanks for any comments.
Yi Yang