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Re: Borate-treated foundation sills instead of Stainless Steel

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Oh, you must be real hit at the NAHB parties they throw in your area ;-) I still have to sleep with one eye open when I require anchor bolts to be HDG. Luckily, such parts are becoming more readily available, though I don't believe I've seen simple hooked anchor bolts in SS anywhere. (Simpson has their proprietary version, and you can always just order thd rod and nuts)

BTW - I think one of the early articles showed a graph that had SBX wood only about 1/2 as agressive as the old CCA.


Thor Matteson wrote:

Type  316 STAINLESS STEEL is required for all anchor bolts, washers, screws,
lags, nails, sheet metal clips and any other connectors in contact with wood
treated with ACZA, ACQ, CA, or CC.  This includes fasteners driven through
shear panels and other sheathing or cladding materials and into the
pressure-treated stock, nails securing studs to mudsills, and clips and
nails fastening rim joists to mudsills.  Hot-dipped galvanized fasteners and
triple-galvanized ("Z-Max") clips are not adequate.

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