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Re: Princeton Review:  Update [cracks]

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I had a similar experience in Phoenix about 25 years ago that for all I know may still exist.

I had arrived on a Greyhound bus and saw that the rooftop parking area in the fairly new bus station had been closed.  I then noticed shear cracks in the large (precast?) concrete beams over the bus bay.  So I went across the street to the Trailways bus station :) and asked about it.  The ticket seller said "Oh, yeah, they discovered that it's not safe and closed the roof parking."   That made me feel all warm and cuddly for the people and buses below. 

Anyone know if it's been fixed?


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The chief engineer at my 1st gig in CO told me this story. This was a long time ago, but from what I can remember at his son's school in the gymnasium he was lying on his back during some parent-student event and noticed shear cracks in the concrete roof beams. He notified the district and engineers subsequently became involved. The gym was shut down and underwent major repairs.
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I have the same problem, looking up and down and forgeting about the people.
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