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Re: Borate-treated foundation sills instead of Stainless Steel

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Pick your poison.

It is good to have hot-dipped-galvanized nails, wood to wood, but for ABs, is not the galvaloy a problem when in contact with concrete?

The Borate treatment may not be good for repeated exterior exposure. I believe it migrates with water. I suspect that a sill plate, inside a wall, is protected from a direct exposure to water and is ok for Borate.

I recall a SEAINT story where a Borate order ended up as a late site delivery of treated sills that were not treated with Borate. The conclusion was that the industry was not ready for Borate.

If a sill sits on a vapor barrier, does it need to be treated? Is a vapor barrier of construction paper or bituthene allowed? I suspect so, as long as the barrier does not trap water against the wood by folding it up and under the exterior wall paper. I have never seen this in practice.

Stainless steel alternative must be expensive. Different tools to cut and drill. Nailing might require pre-drilling.

David B. Merrick, Structural Engineer

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