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Example analyais of a portal frame

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I was trying to describe a portal frame analysis to someone earlier this week, and found myself at a loss at one point - knowing where the answer was going but failing miserably to communicate the process. As a result I grabbed my mechanics books for a better illustration of the concept, only to find that the treatments in my texts (Beer and Johnson, Gere and Timoshenko, Bruhn) have either no examples or poorly illustrated ones which don't deal with the concept in a way that is easy to use in teaching.

Does anyone have a good reference for this type of problem, with several examples using different loading combinations and determinacy? I've come to the conclusion in the past that if you don't know it well enough to teach it, then it's time to do some more studying. In this case, it's time for me to follow my own advise, but I'm at a loss for material.



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