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RE: Concrete Crack Control

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You should be okay for flexural crack control if you meet a z-value of 95.  ACI 350-01 still uses the z-formula and is the current standard for liquid-containing structures.  ACI 350-06 will be issued in a few months and has a new rebar spacing formula that is stricter than the ACI 318 spacing formula - but an appendix will still permit designs using the z-formula.  

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Subject: Concrete Crack Control

ACI 318-02 has replaced the “z” factor for distribution of flexural reinforcing and crack control.  I have been asked to design a concrete septic tank.  In using the old method z=67 k/in which is less than the 95 k/in suggested in ACI 350 for severe environmental exposure, which in my opinion is overly suitable for this tank.  Anyway, I don’t have a copy of the new ACI documents.  Is anyone familiar with the newer requirements in a situation like this?  Are they similar to 10.6.4 in the new ACI 318-02, but more stringent?  Any help would be appreciated.


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