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Re: Foundation Setback

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Hi Ed,
My understanding has always been that if you are designing without a geotechnical report, the H/3 applies.  With a geotechnical report, the rule of thumb for 5 to 10 feet to daylight is usually invoked (9 out of 10 geotechnical's recommend) :-).
The upshot really comes down to this: for small slopes the rules are almost the same; and if the slope is more than thirty feet hopefully there is a geotechnical report addressing slope stability and slope bearing related issues.
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Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 3:02 PM
Subject: Foundation Setback

UBC Figure 18-I-1 (Setback dimensions) shows a distance of H/3 from the face of footing to daylight, H being height of slope.
Whether it is an exterior footing of a residence or a back yard retaining wall, when does this Figure apply, versus the 5 or 7 ft to daylight typically used. 
Ed Najjarine, SE
Irvine, CA