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Re: CONCRETE: Steel Reinforcing Hot-Work

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CRSI Engineering Data Report No. 12 has some discussion of this.  You can see Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Data Reports at

"Polhemus, Bill" <BPolhemus(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I cannot remember if this is from a recognized (e.g. ACI) standard, or
if I have only encountered it in project specifications, perhaps.

But are there any restrictions or limitations on hot-working steel

Not just welding, but for example, are you proscribed from heating bars
with a torch in order to bend them into place in the field?

I have a situation where it looks like a contractor heat-bent some dowel
bars out of a drilled pier footing, in order to correct their
misalignment when it came time to place the longitudinal steel for the
round column bearing on the foundation. Aside from the fact that he made
a mess, I want to know if he also violated the code.

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