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Re: Refrigerated Railcars

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It depends on the type of car you want clearance for.  The clearance
for railcars is determined by the Plate Clearance, either B, C, D, etc.

A plate B car is maximum 15' 1" from top of rail to top of car.
C is 15' 6".
D is 15' 9"

I really doubt you'll get a refer taller than Plate C. Plate B cars are considered
unrestricted interchange.  This dates from the old days when clearances
were not that consistent.  But with today's intermodal cars, autoracks, etc,
most lines can handle taller cars with no problems.  However, overhead door
clearance would be a concern.

Curt Fortenberry, P.E.

> Does anyone know the top-of-rail to floor height for a refrigerated
>train car?

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