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RE: Software Fun

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Hi Paul,
Many years ago, a client of ours owed us some money, and was not in any hurry to pay.
At that time, I called Autodesk, and we were able to transfer ownership of some of his licenses to us in lieu of payment.  I know we had to fill out some forms with Autodesk to make this all happen properly thru the front door.
It worked out real well for all of us.
Autodesk must have changed their policy since then.
Oh well,
Dave Nuttall, P.E.
Green Bay, WI

I have a new one I have encountered.  A friend of mine is retiring and wanted to give me, free of charge, two copies of ACAD 2006.  (Unopened, in the box).
Autodesk will not allow transfer of ownership.
I am sure there are many other software agreements that are similar, and I just have not paid enough attention to the EULA when purchasing the products.  With any other product I know of, you can at least give it away when you no longer need it, and it does not just vanish into thin air as a valueless commodity.