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RE: Software Fun

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In a message dated 3/14/06 10:05:38 AM, T.W.Allen(--nospam--at) writes:

buying U.S. ports

Bill, I guess you were paraphrasing, because of course they weren't actually buying our ports, just managing their shipping.


Folks’ve been saying “buying ports” for short, but most thinking people realize this.


That said, I really don’t care who owns what. The fact is this represents a gaping security hole. DPW isn’t even a private company; it’s wholly-owned by the government of the UAE. You could have 90% of the UAE totally committed to the U.S.—and it’s that 10% who are pinin’ away, wishing they could pilot a plane into a building in the U.S. (or a small boat filled with explosives into an LNG tanker in Boston harbor) that’ll get you every time.


I’m sorry, but the notion that NO ONE with DPW would EVER be able to be bought or otherwise coerced into helping in that effort just seems naïve to me. There ought to be NO nations involved in the U.S. transportation infrastructure who are known to harbor large numbers of terrorists. If the UAE is upset about that…well, some of us are still a little upset over 9/11.