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Scott wrote Bill:

You feeling OK?!?  It appears that you may have found a useful purpose
for an attorney, but I figure that must be because you are not feeling
well or someone has spoofed your email address cause I could have sworn
that you seemed to think that attorneys were just a waste of good
oxygen!  ;-)


Perhaps in the Frigid North you have not been keeping up with news south
of the Red River.  We have a large number of medical research
laboratories throughout Texas.  Traditionally, they have used rats and
mice in their research.  Recently, however, they have started switching
to lawyers.  Two reasons have been given in support of the switch:

1]	Lawyers are more plentiful.

2]	Researchers never get emotionally attached to lawyers.  

My personal opinion is that lawyers have a higher calling than
laboratory research subjects.  In fact, just last year, I hired one as a
trainee CAD technician.  That experiment worked out exceptionally well,
so I probably won't be hiring any more architects to fill those
positions in the future.


Smilin' Stan in Dallas

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