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Re: Shearwall bottom plate

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Even with the current design, with all the nails and SDS Screws going in to the sole plate, even if the 3x had been correctly installed, I would be quite concerned that there was any uncracked wood left. Let's see, under the current design you have (6) 10d nails per foot from the right, (6) more per foot from the left, and a minimum of (5) SDS screws per foot coming through vertically. Adding more connectors is a bad idea. Just because the code gives values for  close spacings doesn't mean it produces a workable design. Also, have you checked your story drift. With that heavy of a wall loading, I suspect it doesn't have a very favorable aspect ratio and you would probably exceed your allowable drift.  
If you were to add blocking over the existing sole plate, you still have to pass the 1740 plf across the plane where the sole plate sits on the sheathing and carry the load from the block into the sole plate. IMHO, that is way too many connectors in the space available.
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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Subject: Fw: Shearwall bottom plate

I have a field fix problem where input would be helpful
The shearwall is the first floor built on a raised wood floor - the PT sill is bolted to the foundation ok then the 12" IJoist floor system then the shear wall on top of the floor sheathing.  The plate for the shearwall was called out to be 3x the wall is double sided 1/2"str 1 10d @ 2"oc 1740 plf  sorta important in the house.  the installed plate is 2x !!!!  on one side the shear panel can lap down the rim joist to the PT sill so there is 870plf into the foundation.  on the inside face the shear panel will only be nailed to the 2x plate that is SDS screwed to blocking under the floor.  How to fix? and transfer the remaining 870 plf into the foundation
can I have 2x blocks added between the studs on top of the 2x sill and the stagger the nailing between the plate and the block so each gets 4"oc nailing?   or should the block be 3x  Reframing would be a major proposition.  how should I attach the block to the exising 2x sill? (with SDS screws or nails the sds screws could extend into the under floor blocking)
Ideas are welcome
Tim Rudolph
Pinyon Engineering
Bishop, CA
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