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RE: drainage board under bldg

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Title: drainage board under bldg
I think the drain board goes "over" the waterproofing not "under". In other words, outside the waterproofing.
Jim K.
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Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 5:31 PM
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Subject: drainage board under bldg

I've got a three story building over a basement, the Architect wants to install a waterproofing system
under the entire basement which is a good thing in itself, but he also wants to add a drain board
( the kind that looks like an egg crate ) under the w.p . The drain spec sheet says it is capable
of withstanding twenty one kips per square foot in compression, and assuming no lateral / friction issues
at the bottom of the foundation, does any body see a problem with this application

Thanx in advance

Tarek Mokhtar, SE