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RE: Residential prescriptive MWFRS wind pressure

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Nope, you're not missing anything.  For engineered elements and systems within an otherwise prescriptive residence, you need to determine wind loads for the MWFRS from the 2003 IBC.  You will likely find that, for the vast majority of residences, the simplified method is allowed, which is very easy to calculate and apply.
"Shameless plug" (my apologies):  If you're interested, I'll be teaching a 2-day seminar for ASCE on residential design using the 2003 IRC in Baltimore on March 23 & 24.  You can find details here:
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Subject: Residential prescriptive MWFRS wind pressure

I can't find any mention in the IRC (2003) of what wind load to use for lateral force design.  Only tables for C&C are included.
Am I missing a footnote or something?  Are C&C loads intended to be used for MWFRS residential design?
Performing a more detailed IBC wind load calc including zones, etc, seems excessive where only a small portion of an otherwise prescriptive house requires engineering.
Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA