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RE: Cub scout project

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Make pasta bridges using a hot glue gun and a fixed number of various pasta pieces (e.g., linguine, lasagne, rigatoni, etc.)  Then load test them between two chairs with a bucket of water.  The one with the most cups before failure wins.  We did this at a local science fair for 6-14 years and it was a hit.
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Subject: RE: Cub scout project

First graders love participating in the destruction of something -- build several bridges together using common construction-type toys (Legos, K'Nex, etc.), or even common household items, and test them to failure.  You will have to do most of the building yourself so that they don't have to work for hours ... you'll need to keep their working time to a maximum of 30 minutes.  I've found it important to have them HELP put the bridges together because they get into it more ... plus the "demonstration" is hands-on, which will keep their attention (and memory) longer.  Have at least 2 different types of bridges so that the kids will get an idea of how different "materials" (even configurations) resist loads.
A book that I've found to be a wonderful tool for introducing young kids to concepts like problem solving is called "Are They Thinking?", which has a lot of activities, games and "think sheets".  I don't remember who publishes it, but I can find out when I get home.
Good luck,
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Subject: Cub scout project

I was wondering if anyone might have ideas for cub scout Den Meetings.  Theme of the month is 'cubstruction' and I'd like to come up with a couple of fun engineering related things (games/crafts/etc) for the kids to do indoors.  Any ideas or good experiences here?  I'm working with 1st graders.